Mancel Studios === Brooklyn based artist Mancel Lindsey
My goal is to steadily bring into focus various truths pertaining to the soul, reality, and spirituality. I'm interested in complex ideas that reveal the foundation of our existence. By exploring the infinite and visualizing paradoxical concepts, I find that the entirety of these ideas can rest in an image. The purpose of my work is to reveal that which can't be seen while fully reflecting my Self. I'm currently exploring the idea of photographing the soul, it's essence, desires, and needs. I'm trying to capture something that is never still and is unknown in shape, color, and form. Similar to a long exposure method in photography, I hope to capture moments of clarity and understanding, as well as the chaos and movement those moments emerge from. I expect this to be a lifetime of discovery and one in which the individual works will reveal the whole body in ever-changing portraits with certain truths that engage in conversation as they begin to connect with the world. Some things will be made in paint on canvas, others using emerging technologies, and still others will be a collaboration of various mediums and people.
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